The Three-Word Work Style Challenge!

by Debra Bednar-Clark

When I coach people to develop their work wardrobe, I tell them that they need to be able to describe their style in three words.

Why? Because for your style to make an impact, it needs to be authentic – that means that what you wear needs to be inextricably connected with who you are.

So, here’s the challenge for you:

  1. Think about your personality, energy, aspirations, interests and lifestyle and write down multiple words to describe it. Then, pick three words from this list that most encapsulate you (or create a new word that encapsulates a macro theme about you). My words are easy-breezy, feminine and luxe (and luxe doesn’t mean logos for me, it means quality products that feel great on my skin). If you have a tough time getting started, then ask five people who know you really well to share the first five words they think of when they think of you. Look for the overlap between their words and your words and build on that.
  2. Next, actually take a moment and look at your wardrobe. Do the items inside express the words you’ve just defined for yourself? Or do they veer away from the image you truly want to own?
  3. Then, identify any adjustments you need to make. Get rid of items in your closet that no longer align with your goal words, and add ones that do.

Embracing this challenge will bridge the gap between how you see and feel about yourself (and how others feel about you). And remember – your style will evolve as you evolve, so make sure to keep checking in with the three-word style challenge as you grow in your career.

So, what are your three words? Drop me a line here and let me know! Plus, find more advice on how to use style to help you get ahead, plus inspiring stories, tips for managing a career crossroads and more by subscribing to our newsletter here and following us on Instagram

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