Success Stories

  • Debra enabled my business to experience unprecedented growth
    Debra is a leadership ninja! She enabled me and my team to thrive as leaders by leveraging what makes each of us unique, inside and out. As she helped Editorial & Sales leaders evolve, she enabled our business to experience unprecedented growth which helped each of us to understand that organization growth is inseparable from individual growth.

    - Lucy Kriz, Chief Industry Officer at Condé Nast

  • Debra challenged me to expand my thinking
    Debra challenged me to expand my thinking and move beyond my comfort zone. She’s a one-woman whirlwind: helping to buff and shine current ideas, while also encouraging new ones and throwing out old, tired frameworks. I feel sharper, more engaged, and just all-around better when I’m around her. When it comes to professional women, she has an uncanny sense of what is needed, and brings her own complete package to every table–style, substance, confidence, comfort with oneself, and wit. Not an easy combination to live up to— and live, every day— but Debra does it with grace.

    - Regan Solmo, Executive Managing Editor, W Magazine

  • Debra helped me get to the root of issues and solve them quickly
    Debra is easily one of the best mentors who encourages open and honest conversations. Not holding anything back meant we were able to get to the root of the issue quickly and develop solutions to tackle them. She not only encouraged me, she also shared practical tips and strategies to help me achieve my goals. And, although our sessions were conducted via video, they felt like cozy, in-depth fire-side chats.

    - Anni Tankhiwale, Global Client Partner, Facebook

  • Debra helped me build a roadmap to success!
    For anyone looking for a mentor and coach to help take his/her career or dreams to the next level, I cannot recommend working with Debra highly enough. To say Debra has helped me clarify my vision and build a road map to success would be an understatement. Debra has done so much more than streamline my thinking, organize my goals, provide me with business acumen, and help me hyper-focus on my dream. Debra has given me the confidence to do it.

    - Julie Obradovic, Entrepreneur

  • Debra helped me look and feel my best.
    Your impression on others? It starts with what you're wearing and the confidence you show doing it. How you feel about yourself, is paramount. If you need help defining your personal style and bringing that to life, from your outfit to your work product, Debra will do it. And, the confidence and joy you will feel catalyzes great joy and transformation – personally & professionally!

    - Victoria Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of Big Think

  • Debra helped me identify what is most important to me and gave clear strategies to achieve my goals.
    Debra helped me identify what is most important to me as a professional, and gave me clear strategies to achieve those goals. Once you "pull the camera back" to see the big picture, everything changes for better. I can't thank her enough.
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