Quiz: Do You Look Like a Leader?

by Debra Bednar-Clark

Do you look like a leader? That’s such a hard question, right? I know. In fact, many of my clients struggle with this. They want to create a leadership presence and style that’s authentic to who they are + ensure that their style communicates their goals and ambitions + fit in with their company culture.

That’s why I put together this short questionnaire: It’s meant to:

  • Inspire self reflection about what style means to you
  • Help you see how your personal style and leadership style are linked

Answer these 15 questions genuinely and truthfully because how you answer provides the foundation for how you’ll build your leadership presence through your style. (Head’s up: My clients find #3 especially challenging because people rarely connect how they look with how they think or feel):

  1. I describe my style as ______________.
  2. My signature accessories are ________________.
  3. My style represents the core of who I am because ______________.
  4. I learned how to create my sense of style from _________________.
  5. My first style memory is _______________.
  6. I first realized the power of style in my career when ______________.
  7. When I’m meeting a client for an important meeting, I’ll most likely wear ______.
  8. When I’m spending the day at the office with a few internal meetings and catch-up work, I’ll most likely wear ______________.
  9. I express my style in my office or work space with ________________.
  10. I balance my personal style with my office culture by ______________.
  11. My beauty and grooming must haves are __________________.
  12. The indulgence that always makes me feel and look my best is _______________.
  13. I never sacrifice ___________ when it comes to style.
  14. I know it’s time to evolve my style when ______________.
  15. The last thing I did to evolve my style was _____________.

When you’re finished, ask yourself: Have you ever asked yourself these questions before? Are you satisfied with your responses? Do you feel like the image you described is the image you’re projecting?

If you need to do some work on your wardrobe to create a style worthy of a leadership presence, send me a note.  I’m here to help (that’s what I created a coaching company that unites how you think, feel, look and act because compartmentalizing who you are is a surefire way to minimize your impact).

This is not a one-time evaluation, either. Style is a constant test-and-learn process, so get started now… and don’t stop!

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