4 Things I Love Right Now: Eileen McNamara’s Inspiring Book, the Italian Lifestyle and More

by Debra Bednar-Clark

Summer is in the air and there’s a lot to love this month. So, I’ve prioritized what’s resonating with me and want to share it with you here. Hopefully, one of these will bring joy, empowerment, and insight to you, too.

1. Eunice: The Kennedy Who Changed the World by Eileen McNamara

When you think of the Kennedy’s, you likely think of Jack, Bobby and Teddy first. But reading Eileen McNamara’s book about Eunice Kennedy Shriver you’re quickly reminded how one of the most important Kennedy’s was their sister, Eunice.  This books is a great reminder that what makes you different is what makes you memorable. And, even if you’re someone who happens to be working “behind the scenes” you can make huge a difference in the world. Eunice lived during a time when society (her parents included) didn’t expect a woman to be in the spotlight but her drive and determination were unstoppable. Because of that, her impact is lasting and her light shines brightly today. Get the book here.

2. La DoubleJ Dresses and Lifestyle

I recently discovered the lifestyle brand La DoubleJ and I’m hooked! This shoppable magazine sells fashionable pieces made with archival prints and unique home design – all inspired by Italy (Milan to be specific). The founder, J.J. Martin, is a journalist turned entrepreneur so she knows exactly how to help you envision how you’re going to wear one of their amazing dresses (when you visit the website, there are options like “Getting my croissant dress”). If you want to live like an Italian and embrace their “let’s-do-this spirit,” then visit La DoubleJ.

3. Gifting Career Coaching Sessions

I’ve been so inspired by parents purchasing career-coaching sessions with for their college-level seniors.  What an amazing gift idea! These soon to be graduates are not sure what’s possible, they want to make a difference in the world and they want to have a personal life; so, they’re ready to do the self-reflection and self-discovery work that’s needed to find a career that aligns with who they are and what they truly want.  If you want to gift a career or leadership coaching session for someone you care about (at any age or stage in their career), send me a note here.

4. Ouai Finishing Cream by Jen Atkin

With Summer humidity on high alert, my hair expands and frizzes at a moment’s notice (and no one wants to meet a client or lead a meeting with unruly hair!). This Ouai finishing cream has been a lifesaver for me and everyone I recommend it to. I apply it as a heat protector before a blow dry and a smoother post blow dry. I’ve tried LOTS of smoothing treatments (even the Keratin smoothing treatments) and this is by far my fave – get it here!

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