How to Reinvent Yourself in the Career World

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Thank you Elaine Sir! I loved chatting with you about everything from how to reinvent yourself in your career, to balancing what you “should “do with what your heart wants you to do, to the exclusive DB Style product launch that will help women unlock the power of their image at work! Whether you want […]

How to Guarantee Success in Your Personal Growth

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Whether you want to improve your physique, love life, bank account or career, research has shown that there is a direct correlation between the amount of time, money and energy you invest in self-development and the benefits you receive. I was thrilled when a close friend recently reached out to me for career coaching. Like […]

Making Shift Happen

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“The Path To Your Success Is Not As Fixed And Inflexible As You Think.” – Misty Copeland Misty Copeland is the embodiment of a women who unites subtance + style for success and fulfillment. That’s why Misty Copeland is our muse of the month! To become the American Ballet Theatre’s first black principal female dancer, […]

Mules for Summer

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  I’ve been adding mules this Summer to my workweek looks. They look polished and chic yet feel like slippers – the perfect combo. The more comfortable you feel, the more results you’ll deliver.

Why Unexpected Partnerships Lead to the Best Results

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As a leadership consultant and coach I connect with business leaders every day from a variety of industries who are talking about the same thing: change, disruption, innovation and growth. They’re searching for the right talent — people to create a culture that nurtures innovation and creativity. So I was intrigued when, last week, one of my […]

The Life Edit

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It’s amazing how an organized closet provides so much calm and peace in life. The key is to eliminate anything that doesn’t bring you joy and color coordinate what remains – this book shows you how.

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