9 Steps to Become the CEO of Your Career

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Everyone defines success differently, and that’s a beautiful thing. No matter how you define it, once you understand what success looks like for you—and start taking responsibility for the decisions that led you there—you’ve taken the first step to become the CEO of your own career. What does that mean, exactly? Think of it this […]

The Three-Word Work Style Challenge!

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When I coach people to develop their work wardrobe, I tell them that they need to be able to describe their style in three words. Why? Because for your style to make an impact, it needs to be authentic – that means that what you wear needs to be inextricably connected with who you are. […]

How to Make Your Elevator Pitch Stronger

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I recently attended an awesome networking event called the Cereal Entrepreneurs breakfast. The goal of it is to bring together CEOs and founders in the New York tech world, many of whom left their “traditional careers” to launch a startup. With my background leaving Facebook and Microsoft to create my career and style consultancy, DB+co, […]

Quiz: Do You Look Like a Leader?

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Do you look like a leader? That’s such a hard question, right? I know. In fact, many of my clients struggle with this. They want to create a leadership presence and style that’s authentic to who they are + ensure that their style communicates their goals and ambitions + fit in with their company culture. […]

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