What We Do & Why It Matters

DB+co is a female-focused, New York-based career and style consultancy that empowers women at all stages of their professional lives to find fulfillment and success at work. We believe that when a woman aligns her most important parts — her head, heart and heels — she is empowered to take charge of her career and, ultimately, her life.

Founder and former Facebook, Microsoft and Accenture executive Debra Bednar—Clark’s decision start her own company followed that same principle, allowing her to combine a love for scaling and building businesses with a deep desire to help and counsel others — all while embracing a style that is decidedly her own. With her head, heart and heels firmly aligned, she is able to teach women that they can bring their whole selves forward in a way that allows them to take charge of their career on their own terms — whatever those terms mean to them – so they feel empowered to take responsibility for their decision making and overall success, regardless of what industry they’re in or what level they aspire to reach.  

Our Approach

Know Yourself

Women are complex creatures with many facets and sides, and when we embrace our three most vital components — our heads, hearts and heels — and all of our juxtapositions (our brain power and our style, our career ambition and our desire to throw the perfect dinner party for ten, our take-no-prisoners business drive and our kindness) to celebrate the qualities that comprise who we are at our core, we’re able to be honest about what we really want — and, in turn, are empowered to take charge of our careers. Our unique approach defines what it means to be your whole self and why it’s so important to bring her to work.

Show Yourself

A career we love and deserve starts with our heart and head. But neglecting our heels — aka the outward part of a woman that is stylish, self-promoting and the first thing anyone notices — is a major downfall of so many as they attempt to navigate their careers. The DB+co system teaches women that they are what they wear, say and do, and that style and smarts are not mutually exclusive.

Our Beliefs

We believe every day offers the chance to learn, grow and improve.

  1. We believe that when individuals grow, businesses grow.
  2. We believe that organizational change is inseparable from individual change.
  3. We believe that transformation and innovation relies on people more than product or processes.
  4. We believe that knowing who you are, believing in yourself and showing it to the world is the foundation for everything great.
  5. We believe that substance and style aren’t mutually exclusive but rather one in the same. Style is how one speaks, debates, manages and even thinks; it’s inextricably connected with who you are and what you believe.
  6. We believe our Clients’ goals serve as our guide. We collectively own our Clients’ challenges and share in their success because we are one team.

Debra's Story

Once upon a time, I was busy growing and scaling Facebook’s Creative Shop — handling seven-figure global accounts and attending speaking engagements all over the world.

And I had simultaneously and unwittingly become the company’s “Chief Wellness Officer” — a mentor for colleagues at all stages of their careers who would frequently stop by my desk for advice on everything from talking to their unresponsive manager to the right way to prepare for a promotion to picking out the perfect presentation outfit that made them look and feel great. It was incredibly important to me that my own direct reports were happy and fulfilled, which in turn brought out their best work and productivity

As I helped my colleagues peel back their layers to discover, understand and align their head, heart and heels — their core attributes from which foundational satisfaction and fulfillment are attained — I began to unearth those same feelings within my own day-to-day existence. Only my career contentment happened to be coming from something that wasn’t technically my paying day job.

So in 2015, I launched DB+co, my female-focused, New York-based career consultancy that empowers women at all stages of their professional lives to find fulfillment and happiness at work. I believe that when a woman aligns her most important parts — her head, heart and heels — she is empowered to take charge of her career and, ultimately, her life.

Through 1:1 private coaching, corporate group sessions and speaking engagements at companies across the globe, I want to shorten the time it takes for other women to learn what took me two decades of experience, loads of trial and error and years of observation to learn: that you are your greatest asset and being your whole self — and ultimately your best self — is the surest way to have a career you love and deserve.

Debra's Career

Debra Bednar-Clark is the founder and CEO of DB+co, her New York-based career and style coaching firm that helps empower women to be the CEO of their careers and, in turn, live more fulfilling lives.  
Prior to launching DB+co, Debra was the Head of Global Strategy and Growth for Facebook’s Creative Shop, where her team created groundbreaking social ideas for the world’s leading marketers. Her resume includes a seven-year tenure as Microsoft’s U.S. Director of Market Strategy and Engagement (a role she held while working towards her masters of education degree at Harvard) and leadership positions at revered global advertising firms McCann Erickson and Arnold Worldwide. She began her career as a coder at Accenture, one of the world’s foremost corporate consulting firms.

In addition to helping women all over the world navigate their careers and continuing to grow her DB Style presence on-line, Debra’s career expertise has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., Glamour, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, The Pursuit, Money, and Yahoo Finance, to name a few.
Debra has an Ed.M. from Harvard University and a B.S. in Business with a double major in Marketing and International Business from Marquette University. She lives in New York City with her husband Michael Clark.

Style Leader

While at Facebook, Debra launched her style blog DB Style, which started as a hobby and quickly morphed into a robust platform with nearly 100,000 followers. Today she uses her powerfully feminine aesthetic to help clients not only check off the basics when it comes to how they present themselves to the world (have a wardrobe strategy, don’t slump in meetings, always look prepared, have a backup plan), but she also teaches them how to package themselves in a way that respects their company’s culture, while packaging their work in a way that gets stakeholders to buy into their initiatives. And for those members not of the selfie generation who feel uncomfortable shouting their successes from the rooftops, she advises on the delicate balance required for promoting yourself and your work with class and grace, no breaking of the internet required.

DB Style on

Praise for Debra

  • Debra is one of the best mentors who encourages open and honest conversations. Not holding anything back meant we were able to get to the root of the issue quickly and develop solution to tackle them. She not only encouraged me, she also shared practical tips and strategies to help me achieve my goals. This was the best part of the session as I was able to see tangible progress after each session and build on it further. Although our sessions were conducted via video conference, they felt like cozy, in-depth fire-side chats. Anni Tankhiwale Global Client Partner, Facebook
  • Debra has challenged me to expand my thinking and move beyond my comfort zone. She’s a one-woman whirlwind: helping to buff and shine current ideas, while also encouraging new ones and throwing out old, tired frameworks. I feel sharper, more engaged, and just all-around better when I’m around her. When it comes to professional women, she has an uncanny sense of what is needed, and brings her own complete package to every table–style, substance, confidence, comfort with oneself, and wit. Not an easy combination to live up to— and live, every day— but Debra does it with grace. Regan Solmo Executive Managing Editor W Magazine
  • Debra is a leadership ninja! She enabled me and my team to thrive as leaders by leveraging what makes each of us unique, inside & out! As she helped Editorial & Sales leaders evolve, she enabled our business to evolve. Debra showed us that organization growth is inseparable from individual growth. Debra is THE leadership expert for our industry: she understands business, culture, people, technology AND style; a rare combination indeed!
    Lucy Kriz, Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer W Magazine
  • Your impression on others? It starts with what you're wearing and the confidence you show doing it. How you feel about you, is paramount. You need help getting the right look that's the ideal you? Debra will do it. The confidence and joy you will feel catalyzes great joy and transformation – personally & professionally! Victoria R. Montgomery, Brown, CEO and Co-Founder Big Think
  • Debra helped me identify what is most important to me as a professional, and gave me clear strategies to achieve those goals. Once you "pull the camera back" to see the big picture, everything changes for the better. I can't thank her enough. Joy Marcus EVP, Conde Nast


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