What We Do & Why It Matters

DB+co is a female-focused New York-based career and style consultancy founded by Debra Bednar-Clark that empowers women at all stages of their professional lives to find success and fulfillment at work and beyond.

Studies have shown that while more women are going to work, fewer of them are happy there. The reason? Women at all stages of their careers are not getting what they need to feel fulfilled and reach their personal goals, both in and out of the office.

That's why Debra developed The Works, a multi-dimensional approach that integrates both your professional and personal identities for the goal of bringing your whole self to the workplace—inclusive of (1) intellect, (2) emotion and (3) personal style-so that you can you truly achieve fulfillment and success at work and beyond.

Our Approach - The Works

Our unique approach defines what it means to be your whole self and why it’s so important to bring her to work.


Think of this as the basics—the skills, experiences and values necessary to thrive in today’s workforce. This includes strategies for improving performance by deftly navigating the new workplace (i.e. being mission-based, creating your own definition of success and more), plus ways to identify and hone the skills you already have, while simultaneously building more.


Emotion is instrumental in connecting your purpose and passion to your work, and addressing workplace obstacles (like establishing boundaries, engaging in tough conversations, and taking risks by making bold moves for the future). It’s also about owning the characteristics that women have traditionally been taught to suppress in professional environments, like vulnerability, intuition and femininity, and turning those into assets.

Personal Style

This is what makes you unique to the outside world, and is the clincher for standing out in the workplace. Beyond sartorial style (because how a woman looks and acts directly impacts how she leads) it also applies to your communication style, management style and leadership style.

It is only when you learn to combine the three elements of The Works—intellect, emotion and personal style—that you will feel fulfilled and truly empowered to maximize your career potential.

That’s the power of The Works.

Debra's Story

Once upon a time, I was busy climbing the corporate ladder— handling seven-figure global accounts and attending speaking engagements all over the world.

While living the corporate life, I discovered that I became as known for building exceptionally high-performing businesses and teams as I did for becoming a mentor to my female colleagues. Therefore, after years of coaching internally within my organizations—about everything from how to get a boss to invest in you to what to wear to a big presentation—I decided to expand my passion for evolving women at all stages of their career beyond my inner circle, and DB+co was born.

Today, I spend my days privately coaching clients who work for some of the most prestigious companies in the world, also developing and leading group educational workshops at the companies who recruit and retain them (Apple, Amazon, IBM and Conde Nast, included).



Debra's Career

Debra is a passionate career coach, speaker and author whose unique training approach, The Works, articulates to women at all stages of their careers how to bring their whole selves to work-inclusive of intellect, emotional and personal style-leading them to feel more supported, more driven and more empowered to lead than ever.

Prior to launching DB+co in 2015, Debra spent two-plus decades developing her distinctive strategy for success at some of the biggest corporations in the world, including Facebook as the Head of Global Strategy & Growth for Facebook's Creative Shop and Microsoft as the U.S. Director of Marketing. In addition, she also helped build brands as a marketer at McCann Erickson and Arnold Worldwide. She started her career at Accenture, where she coded software solutions and led multi-faceted change management initiatives.

Debra holds an Ed.M. from Harvard University and a B.S. in Business Administration from Marquette University. When she is not coaching, she is exploring New York City and cooking new recipes with her husband Michael.

Her debut book, The Works: The Thinking, Feeling, Styling Guide to Finding Success and Fulfillment at Work and Beyond (working title) is due out in 2019.

Style Leader

While at Facebook, Debra launched her style blog DB Style, which started as a hobby and quickly morphed into a robust platform with nearly 100,000 followers. Today she uses her powerfully feminine aesthetic to help clients not only check off the basics when it comes to how they present themselves to the world (have a wardrobe strategy, don’t slump in meetings, always look prepared, have a backup plan), but she also teaches them how to package themselves in a way that respects their company’s culture, while packaging their work in a way that gets stakeholders to buy into their initiatives. And for those members not of the selfie generation who feel uncomfortable shouting their successes from the rooftops, she advises on the delicate balance required for promoting yourself and your work with class and grace, no breaking of the internet required.

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