What We Do & Why It Matters

DB+co is a leadership development and coaching company that serves to inspire and encourage women at all stages of their careers to unite their leadership style with their personal style so they can lead, speak and climb the career ladder as themselves and in their own way.

When the main facets of a woman’s very multifaceted persona — her values, intelligence, passion and personal style - are working in harmony, that’s when workplace success and fulfillment is completely achievable.

But it doesn’t stop here.

We also recognize the role that organizations play in investing in their female talent. We work with people managers so they have the tools to align an employee's skills, strengths and passions with the needs of the business. When this happens, women maximize their impact, organizations become more successful, and we create a workplace culture where everyone is more fulfilled.

Our Approach

Know Yourself

Knowing who you are centers efforts on the essence of who you are (values, purpose, passion, strengths) and who you want to become (dreams, aspirations).

Show Yourself

Showing who you are centers efforts on how to position, package and promote the true you through your unique leadership style and organizational culture.

Our Beliefs

We believe every day offers the chance to learn, grow and improve.

  1. We believe that when individuals grow, businesses grow.
  2. We believe that organizational change is inseparable from individual change.
  3. We believe that transformation and innovation relies on people more than product or processes.
  4. We believe that knowing who you are, believing in yourself and showing it to the world is the foundation for everything great.
  5. We believe that substance and style aren’t mutually exclusive but rather one in the same. Style is how one speaks, debates, manages and even thinks; it’s inextricably connected with who you are and what you believe.
  6. We believe our Clients’ goals serve as our guide. We collectively own our Clients’ challenges and share in their success because we are one team.

Debra's Story

Debra doubted whether she could unite her skills with her passions until she realized a hidden secret: your whole self is your best self.

Throughout her career bridging Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue, Debra became known for building exceptionally high-performing businesses and teams for the world’s most notable companies during their most pivotal years.

As a female leader in tech with a passion for fashion, Debra doubted whether she could unite her skills with her passions until she realized a hidden secret: your whole self is your best self.

When Debra realized that the majority of the women she managed and coached weren’t leading with their strengths and that organizations weren’t fully optimizing what made each  individual unique, she founded DB+co to show them how.

Debra's Career

Prior to becoming the Founder & CEO of DB+co, Debra was the Head of Global Strategy & Growth for Facebook’s Creative Shop where her team created groundbreaking social ideas for the world’s leading marketers. Prior to Facebook, Debra was the U.S. Director of Marketing at Microsoft where she helped evolve the company from a software leader into a digital media leader. Prior to Microsoft, Debra held account leadership roles in the advertising industry at McCann Erickson and Arnold Worldwide where she helped start-up brands become known & established brands become revered. Debra started her career at Accenture where she coded software and led multi-faceted change management efforts.

Style Leader

Debra is also one of the most sought after style leaders. Her personal blog, DB Style, has over 100,000 followers who look to her daily for inspiration across fashion, beauty & design. Her ability to unite substance + style has made Debra one of the most in-demand speakers, consultants & coaches for how to inspire a generation of women to lead with their whole self - head, heart & heels!

DB Style on

Praise for Debra

  • Debra is one of the best mentors who encourages open and honest conversations. Not holding anything back meant we were able to get to the root of the issue quickly and develop solution to tackle them. She not only encouraged me, she also shared practical tips and strategies to help me achieve my goals. This was the best part of the session as I was able to see tangible progress after each session and build on it further. Although our sessions were conducted via video conference, they felt like cozy, in-depth fire-side chats. Anni Tankhiwale Global Client Partner, Facebook
  • Debra has challenged me to expand my thinking and move beyond my comfort zone. She’s a one-woman whirlwind: helping to buff and shine current ideas, while also encouraging new ones and throwing out old, tired frameworks. I feel sharper, more engaged, and just all-around better when I’m around her. When it comes to professional women, she has an uncanny sense of what is needed, and brings her own complete package to every table–style, substance, confidence, comfort with oneself, and wit. Not an easy combination to live up to— and live, every day— but Debra does it with grace. Regan Solmo Executive Managing Editor W Magazine
  • Debra is a leadership ninja! She enabled me and my team to thrive as leaders by leveraging what makes each of us unique, inside & out! As she helped Editorial & Sales leaders evolve, she enabled our business to evolve. Debra showed us that organization growth is inseparable from individual growth. Debra is THE leadership expert for our industry: she understands business, culture, people, technology AND style; a rare combination indeed!
    Lucy Kriz, Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer W Magazine
  • Your impression on others? It starts with what you're wearing and the confidence you show doing it. How you feel about you, is paramount. You need help getting the right look that's the ideal you? Debra will do it. The confidence and joy you will feel catalyzes great joy and transformation – personally & professionally! Victoria R. Montgomery, Brown, CEO and Co-Founder Big Think
  • Debra helped me identify what is most important to me as a professional, and gave me clear strategies to achieve those goals. Once you "pull the camera back" to see the big picture, everything changes for the better. I can't thank her enough. Joy Marcus EVP, Conde Nast


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